PageRock has open roles and is looking for exceptional individuals to join. All roles are open to telecommuting at this time.


Please complete the PageRock Interview, and submit it with your resume to We will contact you if interested in pursuing your application. If you are offered and accept a role, you will be required to sign and return our Relationship Agreement with a copy of government issued photo identification. The offer letter will depend on whether you are an independent contractor or employee.

POSITIONS (in descending order of current need)

Development Lead

PageRock is seeking a lead developer, who will be responsible for the back end programming tasks currently done by the founder. The lead developer will initially also be responsible for responding to customer support requests as well as managing and supporting developers working as independent contractors.

Revenue Lead

PageRock is seeking a revenue lead, who will be responsible for soliciting potential clients in person as well as by phone. While many clients will be brought in through online advertising, a critical component of our business is personal client relationships in order to understand client needs and how they use our service. The lead will eventually be responsible for managing additional team members who bring in and take care of new clients.

Marketing Lead

The marketing lead will be responsible for producing stories about PageRock and connecting with relevant journalists to have them published, working with a public relations firm to ensure they are published, and developing and managing all client facing and promotional materials.

Data Analytics Lead

This is a programming role to build a system where everything about our service and company is measured and displayed in real time in a simple report view visible to the entire company. This will include metrics such as pages visited, time spent per page, orders initiated but not completed, total monthly revenues, average revenue per customer, average cost per customer, average cost per customer acquisition, etc. In addition to providing the screen for the company wide viewing, you will be providing analysis reports on a weekly basis of changes that can be made to improve each measured number. You will also be responsible for various data analysis initiatives to assist in identifying potential clients.