PageRock agrees to furnish services to the Client, subject to the provisions of this Agreement.


PageRock is a provider of web hosting services.

First use

The Client is bound to this Agreement upon first use of PageRock's services.

Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be governed in all respects in accordance with and under the laws of the United States of America.


This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between PageRock and the Client.


Client acknowledges that initial rates and charges have been communicated. These rates are guaranteed by PageRock to the Client for a period of one-year from account activation.


Refund requests made less than thirty days from account activation will be honored, less, at the discretion of PageRock, a reasonable processing fee. PageRock will refund monies to the client as quickly as is reasonably possible.


Neither PageRock nor the Client may share personal information obtained during the course of business, with any third party, unless doing so becomes reasonably necessary under the provisions of this Agreement.


PageRock reserves the right to reasonably modify this Agreement at any time.

Late Payment

PageRock may suspend or terminate service when payment has not been received. The Client remains liable for any outstanding balance.


The Client is liable for misuse of their account.


The Client agrees that PageRock may disclose any and all information obtained during the course of business to any law enforcement agency that makes a valid written request.


Requests for canceling accounts should be made prior to the end of your billing period. Requests for cancellation should be sent to our primary email address. You must provide sufficient identification information to cancel.


We may monitor the utilization of client accounts, and will respond appropriately if we become aware of any abuse of our service.

The following constitute violations of this Agreement:

Inappropriate Content

Hosting of intellectual property not owned by the client, pornography, fraudulent documents, or any other content that PageRock determines to be inappropriate at its sole discretion.

Excessive Resource Consumption

Use of resources exceeding the amount allocated to the client, not limited to and including storage space, data transfer, computer processor time, and computer memory. Because the service is designed for individuals and small businesses its unlikely excessive resource consumption will ever occur.

Inappropriate or Illegal Activity

The use of PageRock's services to facilitate file sharing, threats, harassment, harm, forgery, impersonation, fraud, mass emailing, mass news posting, mass usenet posting, unauthorized system access, unauthorized data collection, denial of service attacks, distribution of computer viruses, a continuous connection, modification of provided software, an internet relay chat server or any other activity which PageRock determines at its sole discretion to be objectionable.


If PageRock believes the Client is subjecting PageRock to liability, PageRock may terminate the Client's account with or without notice.