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Upload Files

Once registered, you can add inactive domain names, and then add files to those domain names. The websites form those domain names will be instantly available at, where is the domain name associated with your account. To add images and other files, simply click the upload files button. Files that contain content to be displayed in a webpage should be named content.txt and placed in a folder corresponding to the address where it should be displayed. Whenever you're ready, activate the domain name for your website.

Domain Name Activation

After you register for an account, and have added a domain name to the account, click the activate button next to the domain name and you will be brought to our payment processor. After payment, your domain name will be registered and become active. It may take up to 48 hours for the rest of the Internet to recognize the domain name as active.

If you have an existing domain name you'll be using, sign in to the service where you registered your domain name, and delete the "DNS Records" that specify "www", then create a new "DNS CNAME Record" pointing "www" address for your website to "". Changes can take up to 48 hours to be recognized across the Internet due to domain name propagation delays that are a result of decentralized control of the Internet. If you have any problems pointing your domain name to our service, please contact us.


If you have an existing website, you can import the content and files using our import tool. Once you have added a domain name to your account, simply click the 'Import' button, enter the address of your existing website, then click 'Import'. The import process may take up to five minutes to complete, at which point you should see all of the content and files from your existing website in your account. Because there are so many possible formats for websites, it's not possible for the import tool to import everything perfectly, and so you may have to go through and changes to ensure everything displays correctly.

Additional Features

The guide to additional features of the PageRock service is visible upon registration.


If you have any trouble setting up your website, please contact us through our support section. We want to make sure every client has their website setup the way they want so they choose stay with us for years.